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Huaxi benefits residents by promoting practical matters

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-02-05

Huaxi district's "2023 Ten Practical Matters" for the people, consisting of 10 categories and 46 sub-items, have all been successfully completed.

The district finished construction on 15 road safety protection projects in rural areas, totaling 25.52 kilometers. A total of 14 parking lots were also completed, providing an additional 2,252 public parking spaces.

Rural pilot school buses were introduced in Jiuan and Gaopo townships, with seven dedicated school buses and five school bus service routes established, serving 407 students.

In addition, the Zhulin domestic waste transfer station was upgraded and renovated. The management of 10,000 urban manhole covers was completed. A total of 11.86 kilometers of curbs were rectified on main or secondary roads in the central urban area.

Eight back alleys, including Minxing Lane and Xujiachong Road, were renovated as well. The renovations of 7,848 households in old residential areas and 385 households in shantytown areas were completed. And renovations on residential areas with 3,961 households have been launched.

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