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Updated: 2019-05-24


Tianhetan [Photo provided to english.guiyang.gov.cn]

Located in Shiban Town in Huaxi district of Guiyang, 15 sq km. Tianhetan is a scenic spot with a typical karst landscape and the recluse culture of historical celebrities. It is only 24 kilometers away from the Guiyang downtown and 13 kilometers away from Huaxi.

Tianheitan is characterized by twisting and turning ravines, which wind their way through mountains and contain water, caves, ponds and waterfalls, as well as the Tiansheng Bridge and canyons; they are even home to a number of recluses. On the three-dimensional interlacing canvas, caves are hidden in the mountains under which water flows with rippling sound created by the emptiness of the caves, only to form jade ponds and waterfalls. It's for these reasons that Tianhetan is also called the miniature bonsai of Guizhou landscape and was praised as "Guizhou Unique" by Gumu, a Chinese revolutionary politician.

Address: Gui'an Avenue, Shiban Town, Huaxi District, Guiyang City

Website: http://www.gztht.com/Portal/Home/Index.aspx

Tickets: 50 yuan in peak season and 40 yuan in low season

Tel: 4009009995

Email: 1084786610@qq.com 

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